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what is UV DTF Printer transfer

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UV DTF transfer is a way to print the image on a PET film with glue, UV ink(White ink+CMYK),varnish and then cover with the direct transfer film. UV DTF transfer film has a large range of applications, you can put it on the surface of any irregular materials, no just for flat materials, it can be stuck on like pen, book, phone, computer, table, wood, metal, ceramics, glass, plastic etc. For this reason, UV DTF transfer is popular in advertising customs.

So , what materials do you need to make UV DTF transfer ?

1. Film with Glue:

1)High adhesive, No easy peel off 2)Durable for scratch, wash

2. UV need to choose as following item:

–Brighten ink after printing, firm and durable for scratch, wash

–Can be print for 3D imagine

–the ability of lightfastness: 7-8

3. The most important is white ink. It is the key for the 3D effect of printing. Not only do it require selecting the good quality white ink, but also need to control the white ink printing thickness precisely. Good white ink requires: 1) be Smooth , no block print head.

2) Brighten and Stable, use UV ink to make a 3D effect.

4. The varnish is the key for gloss and touch feel, following is the tips for it:

  1. Fast Solidity and tightly adhesive
  2. High bright and good touch feel

5. Direct transfer film is another key for the solidity of UV DTF transfer. it need to make sure the crystal label is easy to transfer no easy peel off, so the direct transfer film need to meet following requires:

①Liner use Glassine release papers

②High Transmittance

③High temperature durable, Moisture-proof, oil-proof

④tightly adhesive and easily separate when transfer

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