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DTF is direct to film, a new way for textile printing. It use white ink+CMYK print on film directly , after drying , the film can be heat transfer print on T shirt.

Pr-requisites for DTF Printing

DTF printer

there is two size be putted out. A3 print width and 60cm print width, and you can choose to print for both piece and roll. And you can choose CMYK 4 colors or 6color for delicate colorful printing.

PET Film

There is two size, 30cm&60cm width PET films, single side &double side coating Films,hot peel type films & cold peel type films for your choice. PET Films are available in the Cut piece and Rolls.

TPU Powder

the Hot-melt adhesive Powder has two color, white powder and black powder, white powder is more common be used. There are different grades of the DTF hot melt powder. For best quality requirement need the more thin microns powder.

Pigment inks 

4 color ink Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White colors. The White Ink is a special component, it be print on the film after the colored design is printed.

Automatic Powder Shaker 

The Automatic Powder Shaker is used for drying the film and removing the excess powder. Good quality powder shaker can ensure the finished printed film perfect.

Heat Press Machine 

The heat press machine is used for heat transferring the image printed on the film to the fabric. It can also be used to dry hot melt powder on the DTF film for small piece.

The High Light of DTF

  • It is available for almost any fabric, like polyester, cotton, woolen, silk, chemical fiber, blended, modal, etc.
  • Fabric no need do pre-treatment like DTG printing, Screen Printing.
  • You can print for single pieces and custom design, samples. But for offset heat transfer,Screen Printing can only for mass production. So DTF print is the best choice for custom design printing, sample printing and home business.
  • The cost of equipment, consumption and labor is lower than other printing type.
  • The Fabrics has good wash characteristics.
  • The printing process is simple, easy and economic than DTG printing & Screen Printing.
  • The after transfer fabric has slight hand feel touch

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