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Single Sided Sublimation Printing Machine

  • Size: 80*100cm, 100*120cm, 120*150cm
  • Pneumatic type
  • Thick aluminum for heat plate
  • Even heating
  • Single station

Single Station


* with time counter

* Upgradeable from Single to Twin Platen
* Digital Integrated Temperature & Time control
* Compatible with Textile & Non-Textile Substrates
* Both Hands Push Button Activation for Added Safety
* Available in Single station or Dual loading table format

* Available in 220V 1-phase, 220V 3-Phase or 380V 3-Phase Power
* Air operated semi-automatic large format

* Ideal applications include: large fabrics & piece goods, full-bleed printed sportswear panels, banners, floor mats, carpets,mouse pads and more.

Safe Working

The safety and quality of this device is constantly monitored and equipped with E/N/L wire.

High Productivity

semi-automatic with pneumatic pump and dual stations

Digital Controller

Duration and temperature can be easily adjusted by using the digital controller

Rated Power11KW13KW15KW
Max Temperature260℃
Time Range0-999S
Air compressorRequire
ModeManual or Semi-Automatic
Weight550KGS (1210LBS)650KGS (1430LBS)750KGS (1905LBS)

Graphic Design Pattern

First thing first, you have to design or get the design pattern from your client’s order accordingly.

Print Design

The printer is also fundamental in sublimation, by using sublimation ink and transfer paper, colorful design will appear on the paper.

Heat Press

Based on the high temperature of the heat press(sublimation printing machine), the ink penetrates fabrics, mouse pads, shoe pads, MDF, Aluminum, etc…


After heat presses, the one done will be cut or sewed to make the finished products.

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