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Heat Transfer Roller Machine

Heat Transfer Roller Machine is 210mm drum diameter, width 1.8m and 1.3m. This model AM-R03 has multifunction: it can do sublimation paper printing, fusing/bonding fabric, heat shaping, etc.

heat transfer roller machine
Technical Sheet

Ø210 AM-R03 mini heat transfer roller machine

Width130cm (51”)180cm (71”)
Drum Size∅21cm (8”)
Skill LevelBeginner
Max Transfer Width115cm (45”)175cm (69”)
Rated Power9.5KW11.5KW
Work TableIncluded
Heat TypeOil Heated
Voltage220V 1P / 220V 3P/ 380V 3P
Packing Size





Weight850KGS (1873LBS)1160KGS (2557LBS)
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Roll to Roll

Roll to roll print paper with cut fabrics parts

personal loan 02

Roll to Piece

Roll paper with piece fabrics

personal loan 03

Piece to Roll

Cut paper with roll fabrics

personal loan 04

Piece to Piece

Piece fabrics with cut paper

Wide Application

It can exceed your image for sublimation. Tshirt, curtain, bandanas, bed sheets, blankets, mouse pad, tents, pillow, bags, flags, Bikini, and so on…



This roller heat press machine has a felt auto-alignment system, it can keep the felt running in the center, leading to a good printing effect. 

It can auto cooling, which will save labor working time.

with constant temperature, which can make sure the sublimation result keeps the same.

This rotary heat press machine equip humans designed for blanket tension and balance. It is easy operation and maintenance.

Work Procedure


graphic design 1

Graphic Design Pattern

First thing first, you have to design or get the design pattern from your client’s order accordingly.


printer icon

Print design by printer

The printer is also fundamental in sublimation, by using sublimation ink and transfer paper, colorful design will appear on the paper.



Sublimated by heat transfer roller machine

Based on the high temperature of the heat press, the ink penetrates fabrics (roller or pieces)


fabrics take up


Whatever roller or piece fabrics, after sublimated, organize them for the next step to sew or cut…

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