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60cm Dual Heads PET Direct to Film Printer with 2 heads

Direct to film printer with 2pcs printheads and Photoprint Rip software, I3200/4720 is optional. The printing speed can reach 13-15sqm per hour, higher production. What is more, the powder shaking machine can be perfectly suitable for printers. The new dtf technology meets to print more than 90% of fabric, and widely applications.


1.CMYK+W direct to film printer printing, no need for cutting and waste output
2. Powder Shaking: Spilling the hot melt powder on the printed film surface, will not stick to other areas.
3. Drying System: Light tube drying system could dry patterns quickly, protect materials and get bright colors.
4. Automatic PET Film collecting system after drying.

1.No need for any pretreatment for direct to film printer.
2. It can be used on almost any material or fabric
3. Automatic white ink stirring, solve the problem of ink blocking.
4. Preheating function, heat the item which is printed to semi-dry, to get a better adhesive power glue effect and do not impregnate ink droplets.
5. Temperature and humidity display, real-time monitoring, and adjustment.

Additional information


60cm width

Print head

Double Epson 4720



Max. Print Width


Production Speed

3-6 Square meter/ hour




PET, paper, lable printer

Plate Type

direct to film

Ink Type

Pigment Ink


720*2160dpi,360*2160dpi, 360*1080dpi

Direct to Film Printer details

direct to film printer
direct to film printer
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