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30cm A3 DTF Printer with Powdering Shaker Machine

  • Dual printheads design faster printing speed.
  • Epson XP600 / I3200 Print heads are optional
  • Continues ink supply, 260ml capacity for each color While Ink Mix and Circulation
  • Leadshine motor
  • Digital control panel
  • Three Dryer Fans
  • A3 DTF printer with powder shaker
  • Water-based ink( CMYK+W)

DTF A3 Printer

  1. White Ink System Circulation for Smooth printing, No clogging A3 DTF Printer
  2. Imported mute rail Low noise and high precision
  3. Lei Sai digital servo motor for Good stability
  4. Core boards reflect the perfect combination of color, precision, and stability
  5. Auto Powder Shaking and Curing Oven
  6. Auto materials take-up
  7. Upper drying
  8. Powder shaking speed can be controlled
  9. High power motor for PET films take-up
  10. Air sucking for PET films easy dry

Optional printhead: XP600 I3200

Auto nozzel cleaning, good maintenance for printhead

3 Dryer fans, faster drying

Smart take-up system for PET film

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printhead 1
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It’s available for almost any fabrics, like polyester, cotton, woolen silk, chemical fiber, blended, modal, etc. Fabrics not need to do pre-treatment like DTG print, and screen printing. you can print for single pieces and custom designs, or samples.  A3 DTF Printer is the best choice for custom design printing, sample printing, and home business. The cost of equipment, consumption, and labor is lower than other printing types. The fabrics have good wash characteristics. The printing process is simple, easy, and more economic than DTG printing & screen printing. The after-transfer fabrics have a slight hand-feel touch.

Technical sheet


A3 DTF Printer

Working widthA3/30cm
Print Head2pcs Epson XP600 / I3200
Production speed5-8 sq.m/hr
Printing material film PET
RIP softwarePhotoPrint or MainTop
Printing resolutions360dpi/720dpi/1440dpi
Voltage110V / 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Operating SystemWin7/Win10
Print InterfaceUSB2.0
Work environmentTemp 15-30
Nozzle cleaningAutomatic
Take up systemSmart take-up system
Packing Dimension




D1 1
Print on Film

The first step of A3 DTF Printer is to create a mirror image of the print design using a white base color. The mirror image will be printed on a PET film, which will later be used to press the image onto the garment.

D3 1

This step is the application of hot-melt powder on the film that has the printed image on it. This process is done by Automatic Powder Shaker- to apply the powder evenly and also to remove the excess powder.

D2 1
Melting the Powder

After the transferred powder is applied, it is then placed in a curing oven or dryer and heated. The powder is heated until it begins to melt. The melted transfer powder acts as a strong adhesive to attach the image to the garment.

D4 1
Heat Press

The transfer step occurs when the image and melted transfer powder are placed on the target garment and pressed uniformly using a heat press. This process is a very important step as any failure in the process will lead to wrinkled or pealing images.

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1. Very elastic prints that won’t crack when stretching the fabric
2. Very high wash and wear resistance
3. Apply to a wide variety of materials
4. No need for pre-treatment
5. More durable than DTG prints
6. Easy application
7. Faster production process


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