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60cm DTF Printer for Shirts

60cm DTF Printer for Shirts is a powerful and cost-effective solution for all your printing needs. Its double XP600 printheads, wide-format capacity, white ink mixing functionality, swift printing speed, and exceptional print accuracy set it apart from the competition. Whether you’re running a home-based workshop, a gift and apparel customization store, or a clothing factory, this versatile printer will elevate your printing capabilities and help you achieve remarkable results. Explore the possibilities and unlock your creativity with the AT-602S DTF Printer.




24 inch or 60cm DTF Printer for shirts

Printing width60cm/24 inches
Print head typeXP600/4720/3200
MediaDTF film
Ink typeDTF ink
Printing Speed6pass 6-9㎡/h  / 8pass 5-8/h
Printing Resolution1440dpi / 1080dpi
Head cleanAutomatic


800 700 1 1

Ink shortage alarm

It uses sensors to determine the ink level accurately. Designed to monitor ink levels and notify the clients when the ink is running low. 

800 700 2

White ink circulation

prevent the white pigment particles from settling and to prevent the heads clogging .

800 700 3

Printhead anti-crash device

protection of the printhead from damage caused by collisions. By preventing accidental contact with the substrate, the anti-crash device ensures that print quality remains high and consistent.

800 700 4 1

Hosan board

reducing the chances of print errors and ensuring smooth operation.

800 700 5 1

Taiwan Hiwin guide rails

ensures smooth and stable movement. enhancing durability and performance.

800 700 6

Powder shaker with oven

powder shaker helps achieve strong adhesion between the ink and the film

print head

PrecisionCore Technology

Precision made of Epson unique MEMS nozzles and an ink flow path ensure theperfectly round ink droplets are placed accurately and consistently.


Ink ejection of up to 4 colours realize with high resolution (600 dpi/colour). In addition to the I3200, I1600 has also been added to the lineup in order to meet the various customer needs.


PrecisionCore print head has proven high durability and extended service life by Epson’s industrial printers.


Epson DX11 printhead is used by various Epson printers including the XP-600 series. This is the original Epson head (part number F1080-A1 / FA09121 / FA09xxx).


D1 1
Print on Film

The first step of A3 DTF Printer is to create a mirror image of the print design using a white base color. The mirror image will be printed on a PET film, which will later be used to press the image onto the garment.

D3 1

This step is the application of hot-melt powder on the film that has the printed image on it. This process is done by Automatic Powder Shaker- to apply the powder evenly and also to remove the excess powder.

D2 1
Melting the Powder

After the transferred powder is applied, it is then placed in a curing oven or dryer and heated. The powder is heated until it begins to melt. The melted transfer powder acts as a strong adhesive to attach the image to the garment.

D4 1
Heat Press

The transfer step occurs when the image and melted transfer powder are placed on the target garment and pressed uniformly using a heat press. This process is a very important step as any failure in the process will lead to wrinkled or pealing images.


DTF film/DTF Ink / Hot melt powder

DTF film 1

DTF film

This DTF film use with white ink direct printing, bright colors , high color fixation, layer is nice and clear, even small size letters also clear in printing.

DTF ink 1 2


carefully selected and tested for Epson I3200/4720/Xp600 printheads, and our DTF ink manufacturing partners carefully scrutinized to ensure the highest quality standards in ink production and consistency.

DTF powder 9

Hot melt glue

Soft feel and certain resilience, excellent processability.Excellent adhesion to fabric, cotton, blended fabric, TPU, PVC.

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