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Rotary 4 Stations Auto Heat Press Machine

This Rotary 4 Station T shirt Heat Press Machine is 60×40 cm, it can print for finished T shirt, and rotary designed save time and labor, one operator is enough. Perfect for small business.

1.Intelligent digital controller of temperature and time

2.This rotary T shirt heat press machine equip with electricity rotation, automatic control, high printing speed, highly accurate performance, it's pressure can be 8kg/cm²

3.The upper plate is movable and the lower plate is fixed which ensure the garment will not be migrated.

4.Four spring on the heating plate to ensure pressure more even and effect better

5.The silicone pad can endure high temperature even reach 390 Celsius

Additional information




Optional 220V or 110V




T shirt heat transfer printing

Timer Range

0 – 999 seconds

Temperature Range

0-399 Celsius

Machine Size


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