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If you are a beginner and want to expand more about the sublimation business, then a rotary heat press is a great equipment to start. It’s one of the most popular equipment on the market but is this equipment good for absolute beginners? You have probably heard its name and seen the ads on the internet by now.

  • BUT is the Rotary heat press good and easy for beginners?
  • How easy is it to set up with tools?
  • How does it fare against other types of machines?

I will answer all these questions in this article…

By the end of it, you’ll know beyond the shadow of a doubt whether it is for you or not.

Summary: Is rotary heat press good & easy to use for beginners?

Rotary heat tpress is super-easy to install and use. The machine is made with beginner but also offers a lot of advanced features for professionals:
Speed: Apparently It runs over other types of heat press machine such as flat, manual one and double sided one. 
Stablity: It has been in industry for over decades since the originator is Monti Antonio from Italy  and it has best-in-class technology
Support: A reliable supplier will help solve any of machine problems within short time and it’s fixable

Let’s take a look in more detail:

Machine offering for beginners

Rotary Heat press has many different types for many different demands for you. Here I will list that is most suitable for beginners: 

Roll to roll

With table

 Let me break them down and give you a simple overview of what’s offering is best for you.

With table

Rotary heat presses offer a really simple dashboard or panel that is designed with the beginner in mind. The whole panel is independently owned and operated.  It is equipped with a temperature controller, speed controller, ON switch, Auto OFF switch, pressure switch, and Emergency switch. 

And with a table, it can print roll textiles/fabrics even if you have piece by piece of work. What’s more, extending the working table can allow you to put piece fabrics in the front or side. It definitely speeds up your production and improves your productivity.

If you are thinking of starting a sublimation business, with table is one of the best choices.

Roll to roll 

Same as with the table, it also has a dashboard. Differentiate from that, it’s without a table. As the heading shows, it focuses on Roll-to-roll, this allows only print roll textiles/fabrics. It doesn’t mean it’s single, what’s more, it’s more professional. Most users also prefer it rather than with table, it can sublimate efficiently even if the operator leaves for a while.

So it depends on the features of your business. it doesn’t come with a steep using curve.

If you are serious about durability, I recommend going for the LCD dashboard(Liquid Crystal Display). It’s another controller on the machine. It is definitely worth the price given how many features it comes with. 

If the rotary heat press’s pricing confuses you, you can move in other directions such as using the flat with an automatic, semi-automatic or manual heat press. However, if your daily production is large enough, it’s necessary to consider rotary heat press. For the sublimation industry, All working content is the same. Inks on sublimation paper penetrate fabrics through heat and pressure.

rotary heat press

rotary heat press Pros and Cons

Even though the rotary machine is easily one of the best sublimation machine on the market, you should keep these pros and cons and mind.

You should check the durability, quality, and service support before purchase and check out which suppliers that offer you the biggest bang for your buck


  • Industry-leading speed and performance features, high productivity. you will get what you pay.
  • Affordable options for beginner: Currently, the market offer various sizes and according prices for different users. the bigger sizes it has, the higher price it takes, and vice versa 
  • Easily install and maintenance


  • Blanket changing: for years, if you need to have good printing, the blanket should replace a new one.
  • Not the cheapest option: Rotary is the best tool for sublimation, but they aren’t the cheapest. If you want cheap, you will consider the flat heat press.


Things on the internet change at lightning speed, and if you have a desire it, you can definitely find which machine is suitable for you, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed: all job content is the same, just sublimation paper, craft paper and fabrics feeding through oil drum. And the things you need to take into consideration: uniform heating oil, user-friendly design, a brand new blanket, and so on.

Whatever works for you, you’re sure to be able to find a quality supplier that helps you kickstart your invest at the first time. 

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