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How to find a suitable Printing Speed Dye Sublimation Printer?

Written by Yuming

From AutiaDigital


During the development of dye sublimation printing, there are different print heads and different quantities of heads for printers to meet different printing speed requirements.

Print heads:

print head

1. Epson 4720 heads (also called EPS3200 heads)

Epson 4720 heads instead of 5113 heads in the printing market, worked with Decryption cards. The printing quality is stable and mature, also more economical. Below 4pcs print head printer can consider Epson 4720 heads.

2. Epson I3200-A1 heads


Epson I3200-A1 is the original head, Officially recognized by EPSON. It is the latest head since 2020 and is widely used for dye-sublimation printers and DTF printers. As it only needs to connect 2 head cables and no need to install the decryption card, which makes the installation more convenient and more stable. The printing speed is almost the same as Epson 4720 heads. As it is the new heads, the cost is higher than 4720 too. Single head, 2pcs*I3200 heads, 3pcs*I3200 heads, 4* I3200 heads, 6pcs* I3200 heads, 8pcs*I3200 heads are available for dye-sublimation printers. If more than 4 heads, we will advise choosing with I3200, which is a more stable and easier installation.

The printing speed for different heads, eg:2pass –3 pass printing

Single heads: 30sqm/h

2 heads: 65sqm/h

3 heads: 85sqm/h

4 heads: 115sqm/h

6 heads:180sqm/h

8 heads: 280sqm/h

According to your production per month or per year, you can choose the most suitable printer for you, with different quantities of heads that can meet your demands. Hope it can make more clear for you, a strong and stable printing machine can save more when you are using it. If you want to learn more, Autia digital will provide you with the best support!

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