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Heat transfer machine roller – fast and easy equipment

Written by Yuming

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Heat transfer machine roller is the premium design on the market. This article will cover the best products to be sublimated by roll-to-roll heat presses.

Have you ever used a flat heat press, especially when the orders around you and every customer keep pushing you to deliver the demand on time and, felt frustrated due to low productivity by using a flat press?

Sure, you have and in the meantime, your client will annoy as exceed the delivery time.

In the past, we have discussed some surveys for accelerating the production of your orders. This included things such as:

  • How important is a good roll-to-roll machine performance
  • That speed increases production and thus saves your labor cost
  • Roll to roll type is one the best you can make most roll textiles or fabrics

However, there is one thing we focused on in that article that is the most important.

In fact, it is so important that I am willing to bet that you have the ideas to upgrade your equipment or production line especially when you make most of the roller. Assume one day or that day had happened, your client kick your office door and, surely you will guess what they say: ” when my order finished, boss?  I need to send the goods to Vietnam or Indonesia, the summer promotion sales on Adidas are almost gone!”

What am I talking about, you ask?

Using a heat transfer machine roller of course! 

Not to say heat transfer machine roller isn’t worth its premium price, because it is. However, for those looking for a more budget-friendly solution, heat transfer machine roller got you covered.

Roll to roll type is a premium machine that makes configuration super easy. ( all it takes is the beginning of feed-in for all sublimated stuff:  paper, fabrics, and craft paper)

Speed testing:

  • 3 feed-ins and 3 rewinds. Rather than sorting the piece to piece, or piece T-shirt, roll to roll heat press attempts to pre-load sublimated paper, blank fabrics, and craft paper at one time, and then continuously printed and what’s more, it requires one operator only during the transferring. 
  • Fit for most fabric’s material and texture. Compared with direct-to-garment printers, a roll-to-roll heat press is cost-effective and low maintenance. A good performance machine can reduce your headache by keeping fixed the problem.
  • Wide application. It can work more than your imagination, for most customer aspects, they apply for curtains, textiles of fabrics, outside tents, advertising tents, bedsheets, flags, stand banners, and so on.
    • heat transfer machine roller
  • No complex knowledge is required. Simply turn on the machine for preheating and start working. However, Occasionally you will need a professional technician to fix the wire connection.

60cm drum-180sq.m to 200sq.m per hour– depends on machine speed controller setting.

80cm drum-360sq.m to 500sq.m per hour– depends on machine speed controller setting and felt coverage on the drum.

Let’s take a look at some of heat transfer machine roller’s very best features so you can understand why, despite its price tag, it still reigns as one of the most widely used machines today:

It offers an easy way to handle all the tasks needed to make your work fully simple, and is highly recommended.

Final thoughts:

In the end, owning a heat transfer machine roller – with a high production will be one of the greatest successes of the sublimated industry.

Again, if investing in a premium machine is within your allotted budget, I highly recommend using roll to roll heat press machine. However, for those seeking an alternative, there are plenty of flat heat presses to choose from. Som pick one and get started!

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