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Dye Sublimation Calendar: Achieve Durability in Spandex

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The use of dye sublimation calendars opens up a world of possibilities for designers. spandex, as a favorite fabric in the athletic and fashion industries, is a significant boon for the textile industry. In this article, we will look at how to integrate dye sublimation calendars into spandex printing.

Efficient Integration of Dye Sublimation Calendars in Spandex Printing

The most prominent feature of spandex is its incredible elasticity. It can stretch multiple times its original length and return to its original shape once the tension is released. Thus, the tension of the machine can be very demanding on the spandex as it may be damaged during the transfer process. 

Feeding tension is a critical factor in the printing process, especially when dealing with spandex, such as stretchable and sensitive materials. Proper management of feeding tension is essential to ensure high-quality prints without damaging the fabric. Here’s how feeding tension is managed for spandex in a printing process:

1. Adjustable Tension Control

Proper tension is essential when printing on spandex to prevent distortion of the fabric and the design. Dye sublimation calendars are equipped with tension control mechanisms to handle the elasticity of spandex effectively. dye sublimation calendars used for printing on spandex typically have adjustable tension control systems. ( Video above) These systems allow for the tension to be fine-tuned based on the specific requirements of the spandex fabric, which can vary in elasticity and thickness.

2. Consistent Feed

  • Consistency in the feed rate is crucial to prevent stretching or distortion of the spandex.
  • A uniform feed rate ensures that the spandex moves through the printer at a steady pace, maintaining its original properties and alignment.

3. Avoiding Overstretching:

  • Spandex is an elastic material, and excessive tension can lead to overstretching. The tension must be sufficient to keep the fabric taut and smooth for printing but not so high that it stretches the fabric beyond its elastic limits.

4. Rollers and Guides:

  • dye sublimation calendars use specialized rollers and guides to support the spandex fabric as it moves through the machine.
  • These components help in distributing tension evenly across the width of the fabric, reducing the risk of wrinkling or warping. And maintaining optimal tension throughout the printing process.
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Tips for running dye calendars machine


Before a full-scale print run, it’s common to conduct tests on the spandex fabric to determine the ideal tension settings. This pre-testing helps in identifying the right balance between tightness for print accuracy and looseness to prevent damage to the fabric.


In summary, managing feeding tension for spandex requires a delicate balance. It involves using adjustable tension controls, ensuring a consistent feed rate, avoiding overstretching, utilizing supportive rollers and guides, and conducting pre-tests to determine optimal settings. All these measures collectively ensure that the spandex is printed on effectively while preserving its quality and characteristics.

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