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Digital Printing and Development History

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Digital printing: the industry’s recognized focus of the development of the digital printing industry

1.It is estimated that the total size of the inkjet printing market will reach 90.3 billion US dollars by 2020.

2.According to statistics, the global sales of inkjet printing inks in 2018 were about 182,900 tons, or about US$4.889 billion, and will continue to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 10.7% in the next five years.

3.In the next 10 years, inkjet printing technology will be comparable to traditional printing technology in terms of print quality, printing speed and production cost, leading the future development trend of the printing industry.

What does printing mean?

Printing refers to the technical process of printing patterns on textiles. According to the shape of the fabric before printing, it can be divided into cloth printing, piece printing and garment printing.

Cloth printing means that the whole piece of cloth is printed with a pattern before cutting; cut piece printing is to print the garment pieces that have not yet been sewn after the garment is cut; ready-to-wear printing is to carry out printing after the garment has been sewn.

The main ones used for T-shirt printing are piece printing and ready-to-wear printing. According to the materials and methods used in printing, it can be divided into: water slurry printing, glue printing, ink printing and hot stamping, heat transfer printing, and special and unusual tie-dyeing, wax dyeing, etc., which can also be attributed to printing technology.

Features of digital printing:

do not need to spend expensive plate-making costs, as long as you like the pattern transfer and thermal transfer printing master, after a little processing by the printing master, printing paper can be produced for transfer, the number of colors is unlimited, Make the pattern color more full and delicate.

  1. Embroidery machine

  1-1.Screen printing: screen printing

2. Sublimation printer + calendar roll heat press machine

3. Direct textile Printer: 1.8/ 3.2m

4. DTG(direct to garment): A2/ A3 size

5. DTF(direct to film): A3/30cm/ 60cm/ 1.2m

6. DTF printer with powder shaker: PET film/Hot melted powder/ Ink for 90% clothing

7. UV DTF Film: UV printed AB film

The next tuyere-DTF printer

Solution: DTF Printer promotes the popularization of digital printing on polyester fabrics and provides ubiquitous short-flow digital printing methods to various industries. However, the short-flow digital printing technology of cotton fabrics and blended fabrics is a difficult point in the industry. In 2020, the “PET film transfer to fabric” program pioneered by the Chinese came out, ushering in a development climax in popularizing digital hot stamping of various fabrics. China’s original digital printing solutions go global, bringing the gospel of short-process, water-free digital printing to various industries. Dye sublimation solves the hot stamping of polyester fabrics, and the “shaking film transfer” can solve the hot stamping problems of some cotton and multi-media.

DTF printer can print materials as below:

Including cotton fabrics, high-elastic fabrics, nylon fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, swimming suits, denim, etc. There is basically no limitation on fabrics.

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